Production of the MANNOL trademark is located in Klaipeda (Lithuania). 
The production site of UAB SCT-Lubricants specializes in the production of lubricants. In 2005, there was a complete re-equipment of technological shops, pipelines, a fleet of tanks for base oils and additive packages. This allowed to fully computerize the production process of lubricants MANNOL, thereby reducing the risk of human error. To date, the site MANNOL is one of the most high-tech in the world. 

The choice of location of the production site was strategic, and the city of Klaipeda came up perfectly. The main emphasis was placed on the advantageous location near the transport routes: 
- a railway line was brought directly to the plant 
- departures for large trucks allow you to immediately leave on the roads to avoid the city 
- the ship's port ensures the delivery of huge volumes of raw materials and shipment of finished products to distant corners of the world, for example, to Africa 

High-tech production begins with a laboratory. 
The trademark MANNOL has at its disposal a high-performance laboratory complex Julabo Labortechnik Gmbh. Not every lubricant manufacturer can boast of its own laboratory, but the quality of the products is the main task of the whole production. It is from the laboratory that we will begin our excursion. 

The technical laboratory is responsible for the correct dosage of additives, quality control of incoming raw materials and produced product. 

In the SCT physicochemical laboratory, you can visually see the work of modern analytical complexes Labochema and CANNON, allowing in a few minutes to obtain detailed information on the composition of the test sample, in accordance with international ASTM, DIN, ISO. The possibilities of modern research systems of UAB SCT-Lubricants are amazing: the work, which was carried out by two specialists in the early 2000s for several days, is now performed by the robot in just 20 minutes practically without human intervention. All recipes, the results of analyzes of incoming raw materials and finished products are introduced into a single automated production management system, which will not allow the release of a substandard product in the event of any deviations. 


It is also worth noting that samples for quality control are taken from each batch and stored in the archive. Failure or complete destruction of all computer equipment and information on it - will not cause great damage. All data can be completely restored. 

The next important element is the control panel of the blending process (the process of obtaining the finished product, by mixing base oils and additive packages). Particularly noteworthy is the new automated system for dosing and cleaning the pipelines "Pigging system", specially designed and installed by the German company IST Molchtechnik GmbH. The introduction of this technology along with an innovative production management complex allowed to increase the accuracy of the component dosage to 0.00001%. 

The very process of blending takes place in two tanks, a volume of twenty cubic meters, which work asynchronously for the continuous production of the product. Special blades located at different levels, constantly drive the product until all additives and components are evenly distributed throughout the volume. 


The finished products are moved to special tanks for storage and further packaging. The transportation and communication systems in these tanks have been completely redesigned and modernized to the highest standards, which, under the trademark MANNOL, impose on its products. 

UAB SCT-Lubricants closely cooperates with chemical concerns INFINEUM, LUBRIZOL, AFTON. The highest quality at all stages of production, allows you to get a product recognized by the leaders of the auto industry. Lubricants of MANNOL trademark have the permissions of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VOLVO, Volkswagen-Audi, MAN, MTU, API, ACEA. About the main used components of commercial oils, quality control of incoming raw materials and finished products can be talked for hours ... And we will move on. 

When lubricants are produced they need to be packaged in a quality and ready for shipment. Three-shift work schedule allows to provide a round-the-clock uninterrupted production cycle 24 hours a day. At the same time, the capacities and capacities of the plant are not 100% involved, which gives prospects for the development of MANNOL. 

So it looks like packing up to 20 liters. For barrels 60L, 208L and container 1000L, the packing system looks different, and the distributing unit is a complex labyrinth of pipes, pipes and hoses. 


To reduce risks and optimize the production process, the management of UAB SCT-Lubricants made a decision to independently produce containers for MANNOL products. In this photo we see a small stock of different coloring components and an apparatus that doses the color schemes in such a way that the shade of cans from batch to batch was the most similar. It is almost impossible to achieve an ideal similarity. suppliers of raw materials often change the physical properties of the material, which affects the final result, but modern equipment allows to reduce the changes to a minimum and to achieve the production of quality packagings. 

And this is the shop where the melted plastic gets into the mold press, which form the well-known design of our cans. All wastes are recycled and reused, which allows for increased productivity and lower costs. 


Seeing the capacity and production volumes, it becomes interesting to look at the warehouse. Logistics of such a scale and working with other countries requires the employees of the warehouse to have truly German accuracy and scrupulousness. On the day there is a shipment of up to twenty wagons, also has its own railway, which allows loading freight cars of different designs and volumes. The modern accounting system and qualified personnel allow you to conduct work without failures and errors. 


Modern technologies, competent work of management, scrupulousness and love of one's business allow creating high-quality products for any technology that is on our planet. Whether it's a chainsaw in a small village or an icebreaker in the bowels of the Antarctic - the trademark MANNOL is ready to serve and provide reliable protection for any mechanism!