“Al Jirf Auto Spare Parts Trading” is the certified agent in the GCC countries for SCT Germany Co. trade marks as: Mannol, SCT-Filter, Pemco, Fanfaro, Chempioil .
Regular organization of business goods supply and sale of small shops, starting from the workshop and service station in Dubai both official and to private sector organizations and enterprises at all levels provide an effective way of working with customers. We soon we deliver goods to every corner of Dubai (delivery terms are negotiated on an individual order).

We want to create the best conditions for each of our customers, allowing us to act on the basis of mutual benefit and offer cooperation options.
Our company develops a personal approach to each client and works with qualified experts who can find the best solution for any problem. The range of MANNOL and SCT trademark products is expanding every day, thanks to its excellent quality and reasonable price, it can meet the demands of each consumer of lubricating materials and spare parts. By transporting and customizing ourselves, we guarantee to all our customers that we deliver the manufacturer's original products, complete and comprehensive goods that are protected from fake and low quality products.
Our company sells the following products:
Engine, gearbox, industrial oils, fluids and greases;
Automobile chemicals, cosmetic products and vehicles for car care;
All types of filters, windshield wiper blades, brake linings, automobile bouquets, light bulbs, spare parts and suspension parts, belts, fuses and other products.
MANNOL lubricating materials and lubricants meet high requirements and tolerances, while SCT-Filterfilter types include more than 1500 products.
By choosing MANNOL and SCT oils, you will buy the best fiyata high quality products as guaranteed!